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I'm New Here

Apostle Henry & Bishop Marty Alexander

The Shield of Faith Fellowship of Churches began as a single church, Bethany Community Church of Pomona in 1981. In that year the Lord gave Bishop Alexander and Dr. Marty the first elements of the vision for the work that has now spread around the world.   At the time the new church began God spoke to Pastor Alexander concerning multiple churches: What have come to pass has far exceeded our expectations.

The fellowship has grown to include some 1,000 congregations. Through this body the Apostle’s doctrine has been widely declared and many pastors have come to Apostolic truth. Pastors and their families and churches have been strengthened by the spiritual, emotional and financial support of Shield of Faith.

Glad You Are Here!

We invite you to check out what it means to be a Christian in 2024. 
Here are six things:

1.   God will gives a SPECIAL PEACE and VICTORY to his followers in a world that seems crazier every day, that’s filled with anxiety, broken promises, dead ends, racism, users and abusers.

2.   Christians are a SPIRITUAL FAMILY that will accept you as you are AND NOT JUDGE YOU for where you have been or what you have done.  It’s called grace and forgiveness!

3.   Through WATER BAPTISM Jesus will wash you clean from your past, give you victory over bad habits, remove shame and guilt, making you feel fresh and clean, and give you a new start!

4.   The GIFT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT will give you a new power in life that motivates you, strengthens you from the inside AND WAKES UP ALL THE GOOD STUFF that God has deposited in you!

5.   You will have a NEW PURPOSE AND CONFIDENCE IN LIFE knowing that God has chosen you to part of his heavenly kingdom family and that with God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

6.   If you were to fall asleep and not wake up tonight, YOU WILL BE CONFIDENT that God has reserved a place for you in heaven with him where death has no sting, no tears, no hunger, no suffering!  With God you are unbeatable, unsinkable, unstoppable, and death defying!

So that is why we invited you to click on our QR Code so that you are informed and will not miss out on what God is doing for millions of people throughout the world.  You are called to be part of this spiritual family of loving, abiding, sharing, and caring believers! So activate your faith and act NOW!

What are you waiting for? God is actually waiting for you!  Here are the next steps:

 1.  Turn your life to follow Jesus.  Jesus said, “If you follow me, I will give you new life and you will be my disciple, and my Holy Spirit will be in you, and you in me.”  This is called repentance:  turn your life away from self-destructive practices and re-pointing it towards a loving and forgiving GodPray right now and ask God to forgive you, baptize you and fill you with his holy spirit.

2.  Be obedient to the call to be water baptized!  Jesus said, “You must be born again of water and spirit.” (John 3:5)  Peter preached, “Repent and be baptized for the remission of your sin and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.” (Acts 2:38) Contact us now and make an appointment!

3.  Join the family of God in fellowship, worship, meeting together and serving together!  Come join us at Shield of Faith Rancho Cucamonga and be part of our local Kingdom Family! 

4.  Take on your personal transformation:  God has many things in store for you.  Join a local discipleship group and grow with us!  Give God a year and watch what God will do with your life!

5.  Contact one of our ministers immediately by email, text or phone to get connected:  909-new-person   909-629-6294