Impacting People....Making a Difference!

Shield of Faith Fellowship of Churches International under the leadership of Apostle Henry B. Alexander and Bishop Marty Alexander, is a Reformation and Restoration Movement raised up by God to assist the Men of God who are building The Church around the world. We use the following summary of thoughts to introduce you to the central concerns and objectives of the fellowship. The ideas listed below summarize our mission and values in a brief form. Our primary concerns and perspectives include:

SHARING THE TRUTH IN LOVE – because Ephesians 4:15 talks of “speaking the truth in love,” We will always communicate with the Body of Christ in respectful, appreciative terms as we strive together to embrace biblical foundations and to correct ourselves in practice and doctrine.

ASPIRING TO 100 FOLD FRUITFULNESSSt. Matthew 13:8 speaks of 30,60, and 100-fold return on the Word sown. Into our lives and churches.

AWARENESS – We approach our assignment in the Kingdom with the humble awareness that The Church of Jesus Christ, while powerful, is far from having reached a perfected state. (Eph. 4:12)

GRATEFUL, YET DISSATISFIED – as a body, we are grateful for tall that The Church worldwide has accomplished, but refuse to be satisfied as we pursue ever greater ministerial fruitfulness and scriptural soundness.