Shield of Faith Christian Center exists to empower believers by instilling in them a biblically-sound worldview, and by teaching them to fight the good “faith fight” that will enrich their lives and bring to pass God’s will for their spiritual, physical, emotional and material prosperity. Our mission is the empowerment of believers at Shield of Faith!

The statement above is a summary of the essential concerns that give rise to our total ministry expression as a church family. Shield of Faith is therefore a place of learning and empowerment, where individuals are taught and trained in the techniques and ideas of scripture that prepare them to win in life over the diverse attacks of the enemy. It will be our ongoing plan to disciple our members in a way that will cause them to be spiritually fruitful and victorious and that will assist them in reproducing themselves by living attractive, victorious lives that will glorify God and attract men and women to His Kingdom.

Our church will operate consistently on an empowerment model in which our focus is on preparing our congregants to overcome the institutionalized and relentless attacks of satan by mastering the principles of faith and applying them rigorously to daily living. Because Jesus came to bring a fulfilling and successful life to those who follow Him, we will strive to show the saints in practical and spiritual terms how to fight and win over the powers of darkness.

We are a church focused on prayer and education in both natural and spiritual realms. Faithful members of our church family will be strong in faith, fully aware of their rights in Christ Jesus and successful in life, living lives that demonstrate the rule of God rather than the oppression of satan.