Understanding Water Baptism Lesson

 New Testament Baptism in the Name of Jesus Christ: 

Christianity is a belief system that advocates Water Baptism. Once a person has believed and repented, Water Baptism is the next step in order to act on their belief in God or Jesus Christ. Wanting to receive Water Baptism is a person’s desire to be cleansed of sin or guilt or a guilty conscience. It’s also an act of obedience to God. 

It’s also an act of showing God that you want what HE wants for your life. It’s an act of following Jesus Christ who, Himself was also baptized by John the Baptist. In Romans Chapter Six, the bible tells us that something amazingly spiritual is happening in the water which means that baptism is more than a symbolic act. 

In the Book of Romans Chapter 6 declares: 

  •  Vs. 3: We are being baptized into Christ Jesus 
  •  Vs. 3: We are being baptized into HIS death 
  •  Vs. 4: We are buried with HIM into death 
  •  Vs. 4: We come out from baptism raised from death by the glory of the Father. 
  •  Vs. 4: We are raised from the dead to walk in newness of life 
  •  Vs. 5: We are united with HIM and a resurrection like his. 
  •  Vs. 6: In the water, our old self was crucified with HIM so that the body of sin would be brought to nothing 
  •  Vs. 7: For one who has died has been set free from sin. 
  •  Vs. 8: We have died with Christ, so we now know we will also live with HIM 
  •  Vs.11: After baptism, we consider ourselves dead to sin and alive to God in Christ Jesus 

The Power of the Holy Spirit Lesson

 Principles of Speaking in Tongues 

Holy Spirit Baptism is the natural follow up to Water Baptism. Holy Spirit Baptism is being “born again” of the Spirit as Jesus taught in John 3:5. Being born again of the Spirit is a supernatural experience with a supernatural authentication. 

When a person is first born of the Spirit, there is a new noise of the Spirit known as speaking in tongues. Speaking in tongues is the natural occurrence that authenticates the birth of the Spirit. It’s the language of the Spirit. Every new believer will experience being born again of the Spirit. 

1. It is a gift from God, but you need faith to receive it! Luke 11:13 says, “He will give the Holy Spirit to those who ask HIM! So pray to receive this gift! 

2. Confess any known or unknown sin. Sin can quench the Holy Spirit. 

3. Relieve yourself of grudges or resentments. Give forgiveness to others! 

4. Reject the notion that the Holy Spirit if just for a few special folks! God wants you to have it! 

5. Speaking in tongues does not make you weird. It’s your direct connection with God. 

6. Fasting will help you received the Gift of the Holy Spirit! 

7. There is no special time that God gives the Holy Spirit. Any time is the right time. 

8. Avoid excuses to delay. Your flesh & the devil do not want you to have the Holy Spirit. 

9. Be bold in your faith to go after this gift. Blessed are those who hunger after God. 

10. Ask God to give you the Holy Spirit. Raise your hands and begin to speak words of praise to God. As you worship God, your tongue will begin to mix up pronunciation. Allow God to take over.